Still have some questions about Individual Coaching?

I am frequently asked:

  • How do I get started?
    Call or e-mail me today to set up a complimentary, confidential, no-obligation one-hour consultation. You will have a chance to tell me more about your needs and hopes for the coaching process, and I will be happy to answer your questions about the Financial VitalityTM Coaching Program. Together we will decide if this program is a good match for your needs. You won’t be pressured.
  • Do you work with men?
    Yes, I do. Although I specialize in working with women, I also enjoy working with men who are looking for a holistic approach to transforming their relationship with money. I work with some amazing men and women.
  • Do you meet with clients in person or by phone?
    I meet with clients throughout North America primarily by phone, or Skype if requested. I provide screen-sharing software that lets us see each other’s screens. Learning is most effective if the information is delivered in several forms. We will be listening to each other, you will be seeing my screen as I teach, and, with your permission, I will be able to see your screen and guide you as you work on your own MoneyMinder. Phone sessions mean that you can meet from the convenience of your home or office without the time or stress of driving to the appointment.
  • How long do you usually meet with clients?
    Financial Vitality™ Coaching is a process that unfolds over time. It isn’t a quick fix. I ask clients to start with the intention of meeting for at least three months. Each person moves forward at the rate that is comfortable for her or him, but most people need at least three months to solidify sustainable change in their relationship with money. Your current financial situation is the result of a lifetime of habits, beliefs and emotional reactions. You will be supported each step of the way as you develop new healthier ways of relating to money. I have many long-term clients who have continued to meet once a month and then once a quarter for ongoing support.
  • How long is each session?
    Sessions are typically a full hour. Occasionally, I recommend scheduling more time when needed to achieve your goals. In addition, I devote a half-hour to preparing for each session so you will get the most from the session, and I spend another half-hour taking notes and reflecting on the session so our process maintains a strong thread of continuity.
  • How do you charge for your services?
    I charge a flat rate for each month of coaching, depending on the number of coaching sessions provided during the month. I highly recommend three sessions for the first month, followed by at least two sessions per month for the first three months. In addition to individual sessions, the program includes ongoing access to me for quick check-ins and support, and access to a library of effective coaching tools and resources. Financial Vitality Coaching is a thorough, organized and integrated program that creates a safe, nurturing environment providing you with the continuity needed for lasting change.
  • When are you available for individual sessions?
    I meet with clients between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET , Monday through Wednesday. I’m available throughout the week for quick phone or e-mail check-ins when you have a question, need support or want to share a win.
  • How can I pay you if I’m having money problems?
    I often work with clients who struggle to pay their bills when we start the process. Frequently, they find they are leaking money through unconscious spending that more than covers my fee. It isn’t unusual for clients who do this work to feel like they have gotten a raise that allows them to better meet their current needs and save for the future.
  • Do you only work with people who are having “money problems”? No, I also work with women whose relationship with money is causing them anxiety and confusion, even though they have enough to cover their living expenses. An inheritance can be tremendously isolating and anxiety provoking. I help women who receive sudden money of any kind learn to handle it wisely and calmly. I also work with clients whose net worth is high but who still feel empty and unfulfilled.
  • Are you a financial planner?
    No, I’m not a financial planner. I don’t give financial advice or sell financial products. However, holistic money coaching is a great complement to financial planning. I help clients get their financial house in order, so they have the information and savings they need in order to do long-term financial planning with a financial planner.
  • Are you a psychotherapist?
    No, I’m not a psychotherapist. I don’t diagnose or treat mental health problems. I help clients understand and process the emotional underpinnings that keep them stuck in old, unproductive habits and behaviors. However, where further emotional healing is needed, I recommend working with a licensed psychotherapist. Financial Recovery Coaching and psychotherapy can complement each other.
  • Will my financial information be confidential and safe?
    Yes. In fact, I won’t ever ask you for account numbers or access information. Anything we discuss during sessions will be completely confidential. Nothing, including your name, is ever shared without your written permission.

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