Success Stories

“I have been working with Jean for just over a year. When we began the Financial Recovery work I couldn’t imagine ever staying ahead of my finances. It seemed impossible to experience a sense of peace where money is concerned. In particular, I couldn’t fathom what having money in a savings account would be like.

I now have close to $4,000 in savings, including a new car savings account and a “rainy day” fund. I know, from month to month, how I have spent my money and am beginning to make wiser and healthier choices about how and where to invest my hard-earned dollars.

Jean’s knowledge of financial management, her skill as a coach and her steady hand as she guides her clients through the ups and downs of becoming confident money managers was what allowed my gradual transformation. For the first time in my life, I’m imaging a future where I decide how and where to place my resources, rather than having my reactivity and fear control my financial future.

Thank you, Jean. I couldn’t have gotten here without you!” (SV, Professional Organizer)


“Jean walked me through my emotional blocks about money at my own pace. We  slowly and methodically, over the weeks, worked from a view of the big picture to learning how to  attend to the details of handling my money. This process has left me with a feeling of ease about using money . I hadn’t realized how much the small but  significant ongoing stress of having to use money on an almost daily basis was sapping energy from my life. This process has made a huge impact on my life.”  (JLG, Artist)


“Jean, I can’t begin to tell you how much my work with you has improved my financial situation specifically and my quality of life in general. 

I used to have almost daily worries about whether I was going to be able to pay my bills each month. I worried whether I would be able to extend my credit limit and if attempted purchases would be rejected due to insufficient funds. I felt I was working hard but I wasn’t making progress. My debt had mounted to the point where I didn’t even know how much I owed. Working with you and the MoneyMinder has helped me to feel financial security for the first time in my life. I feel confident that I can earn enough, that I can pay my bills, pay off my debt and that I can even save for retirement.  

The clarity that has resulted from working with you has helped me to be able to discuss financial issues with my partner. I feel a confidence and self-respect that I had not felt before. 

You have always matched my pace and respected my priorities. Your guidance and instruction has always felt collaborative and respectful, never didactic or punitive. You have truly been “the wind beneath my wings”. Thank you for your excellence! You have brought peace of mind where there used to be anxiety and stress.” (TM, Speech Pathologist)


“Before working with Jean I had always tried to come up with my own systems to manage my hectic and unpredictable income. As time went by and my debt kept on increasing, I didn’t think that budgeting was possible with my situation. But after working with Jean for four months, it seems like my brain now functions differently about money.

The Money Minder is a tool that leaves nothing to guesswork, so now I not only have a budget, but some money in my savings account for the first time in my life! Jean’s professional, compassionate and non-judgmental style is rooted in practicality, yet she always gives me the feeling that she is aware of my day to day quality of life, as well as my future plans and dreams.” (BN, Gym Manager & Personal Trainer)


“Jean, thank you for being the great listener with those ‘big heart ears’.  🙂  I need that to open.” (SJ-Musician)


“My work with Jean has been one of the highlights of my life. I was so absolutely stuck around money: how to earn enough to make ends meet, how to manage money, how to keep track of it, how to spend it wisely. I felt very disempowered.  Jean’s laser-like perception and clarity, her empathetic manner, and her utter trustworthiness have all contributed to sorting me out and freeing my relationship with money.

One of the surprising benefits of working with the Money Minder has been the rippling effects on the rest of my life. I can see a much bigger picture now, I think more strategically when solving problems, and I am much more organized. Using the Money Minder has sure stretched my consciousness. I feel both empowered larger as a being. Now I know what I’m doing. I can balance my checkbook eyes closed (almost!) and I’m well on my way to earning enough to thrive and pay off all my debts. I have been empowered and I am deeply grateful.” (CH, Counselor)


“Jean Gran is AWESOME!!! And, such a caring soul and knowledgeable teacher. Her compassion and willingness to hear darkness and pain around money, to gently guide one through it into the light, and teach effective strategies which lay the foundation to pursue a dream is immeasurable.”  (GD, Musician)


“For individuals who would benefit from a deeper focused layer of work on their money issues, I strongly recommend Jean Gran, a certified Financial Recovery coach, CPA, and Psychosynthesis counselor.  Jean works by phone (she’s based Western Massachusetts) and is an astute, tuned-in, and steady counselor.  Her work doesn’t extend to hands-on money management, but focuses on the emotional/symbolic role of money in her clients’ lives and personalities, and has concrete processes and tools for cultivating better money habits.  Profound, effective stuff.   I know Jean as a colleague and friend, and have huge respect for her work.”  (JS, College Professor & Psychosynthesis Counselor).

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